Shirataki Noodles Review: Skinny Noodles Shirataki Spinach Fettuccine

Looking for a healthier type of noodle to cook your chicken fettuccine with? Skinny Noodles has you covered! Skinny Noodles Shirataki Spinach Fettuccine is a gluten free, soy free, weight loss and diabetic-friendly alternative to traditional fettuccine. Great for both vegetarians and vegans, these noodles have 15 calories, 0 net carbs, and 4 grams of fiber per serving making them the perfect healthy pasta substitute. They are chock full of great health benefits and may help to improve cholesterol levels, heart health, and digestive health.

The flour used to make Shirataki Spinach Fettuccine is produced from a root that is native to Asia. Consumed in Japan for over 1,000 years, the root known as konnyaku or konjac is packed with soluble fiber while maintaining a low calorie and carbohydrate count. The shortage of fiber in adult diets may lead to major diseases like diabetes, cancer, gallstones, and obesity. Fiber is important in the absorption of nutrients and the reduction of harmful waste in the body. Not only can Skinny Noodles Shirataki Spinach Fettuccine help you get your daily dose of fiber, it can also promote digestive regularity and help reduce your risk of developing a serious disease.

The main ingredient in Skinny Shirataki Noodles is a water-soluble fiber that helps absorb the damaging substances that are released during digestion and elimination. The fiber binds to toxins and fatty acids to help lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy digestive system. Consuming the fiber can slow your digestive process and lead to a slower release of glucose. This helps your body normalize blood sugar levels after a meal and reduce sugar spikes throughout the day. These noodles can be useful in improving a diabetic lifestyle.

If you replace only one meal per day with a low calorie, low fat alternative like Skinny Noodles Shirataki Spinach Fettuccine, you can reduce your caloric intake and improve your overall health. See why The Oprah Winfrey Show and Dr. Oz are calling these noodles one of the “Best Appetite Suppressants” for weight loss. Let’s review what makes these noodles so great:

  • only 15 calories
  • gluten free fettuccine
  • soy free
  • weight loss & diabetic friendly
  • vegetarian & vegan friendly
  • may improve cholesterol & digestive health

About the Author: Skinny Noodles is one of the premier brands of shirataki noodles that are made in the U.S.A without the use of tofu (soy). For more information about the health benefits of shirataki noodles and to explore all of the styles and flavors we have to offer, please visit us at

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